БОГ (ГОСПОДЬ) HE ВЫДАСТ, СВИНЬИ HE СЪЕСТ (saying) God willing, things will turn out all right ( usu. said when undertaking sth. risky, the outcome of which is uncertain): - (he) whom God (the good Lord) helps, nobody can harm.
«Бог милостив: солдат у нас довольно, пороху много, пушку я вычистил. Авось дадим отпор Пугачёву. Господь не выдаст, свинья не съест!» (Пушкин 2). "God is merciful: we have soldiers enough, plenty of powder, and I have cleaned out the cannon. Perhaps we'll manage to repulse Pugachev. Whom God helps nobody can harm" (2b).

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