БОГ HE ОБИДЕЛ кого (чем)VP subj.past onlyused without negation to convey the opposite meaningusu. this WO s.o. is endowed with (a specified quality): бог X-a Y-ом не обидел - God didn't grudge X Ythe good Lord provided X with (plenty of) Ynature blessed X (X was blessed) with Yfortune favored X with Y.
Ни лицом, ни фигурой Бог (Нюру) не обидел, красавицей, может, и не была, но и уродиной никто не считал (Войнович 2). God had grudged her (Nyura) neither face nor figure, and while she may not have been a beauty she was certainly no freak either (2a).

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