БИТЬ БАКЛУШИ coll, disapprovVPsuby. human) to be idle, do nothing
X бил баклуши - X twiddled his thumbs
X frittered away the (his) timeX sat around doing nothingX goofed off(in limited contexts) X killed time.
(Аннушка:) Ты меня, братец, отпусти домой! На что я тебе! (Бессудный:) А дома что делать? Баклуши бить (Островский 8). (A.:) Brother, let me go home! What use am I to you? (B.:) What will you do at home? Twiddle your thumbs? (8a).
Хлопнула дверь, дежурный по станции, проводя поезд, ушёл в свою каморку бить баклуши (Ерофеев 3). A door slammed: after seeing the train off, the stationmaster had gone into his little room to kill time (3a).
...Баклуши», small chunks of wood chopped from large blocks, were once commonly used to make wooden objects. Chopping off chunks was considered an easy job.

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