КАК БОГ НА ДУШУ ПОЛОЖИТ collAdvPInvaradvfixed WO
(to do sth. ) whatever way one desires, or allowing things to happen as they might (may express the speaker's opinion that the action is carried out unsystematically, haphazardly, without concern for the result)
any which (old) way
however it strikes one's fancyhowever it turns out(in limited contexts) when(ever) the spirit moves one (it )letting matters take their course (take care of themselves).
Тебе поручили серьёзное дело: делай всё как следует, а не как бог на душу положит. You've been given an important assignment-do it properly, not any old way.
...Радио нет, a ходики идут как им бог на душу положит, поэтому прежде, чем выйти на улицу, бабка шла узнавать время к соседям... (Кузнецов 1). We had no radio, and the wall clock ran when the spirit moved it. So before going into the street, Grandmother would call on the neighbors to find out the time... (1a).
Подумать только! Я прожила столько лет и понятия не имела о таких сложных вещах. Жила просто так, как бог на душу положит (Михайловская 1). Just think! I have lived all these years and have had no notion of such complicated things. I have simply lived letting matters take their course (1a).

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