HE БОГ ВЕСТЬ (ЗНАЕТ) КАК collAdvPthese forms onlyadvfixed WO
1. not especially well, in a mediocre fashion
not (all) that well
so-so(in limited contexts) (be) not much of aNP
. Наконец, я вспомнил, как играют, и дело у нас пошло лучше. Джон тоже играл не Бог весть как, но постепенно, я говорю, дело пошло... (Лимонов 1). Finally I remembered how to play, and things started to go better. John wasn't much of a player either, but gradually, as I say, things got going... (1a).
2. (foil. by AdvP, short-form Adj, or Part denoting a positive quality, quantity, or distance) not very, not particularly
not any too...
not all that...
not especially... Она его и раньше-то, своего собственного сына, не бог весть как хорошо знала, а теперь, через год разлуки? (Залыгин 1). Even before he went away she didn't know him any too well, her own son, so what might this year of absence have done? (1a).

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