ДЁРНУЛО ЗА ЯЗЫК кого collЧЁРТ (less often БЕС, ЛЁШИЙ) ДЁРНУЛ ЗА ЯЗЫК highly collНЕЛЁГКАЯ ДЁРНУЛА ЗА ЯЗЫК highly collVP, impers (1st var)VP subj. (other variants)) used to express the speaker's extreme regret, anger, or annoyance over the fact that he or another person said sth. inappropriate, offensive, out of place etc: дёрнуло (чёрт дёрнул) X-a за язык - what (something must have) possessed X to say that!why the hell (in blazes, on earth) did X (have to) say that?what the hell (in blazes, on earth) did X say that for?X and his big mouth!there goes X with his big mouth)!
И дёрнуло ж меня за язык! Промолчи я насчёт его топорика, ничего бы не было (Искандер 4). What had possessed me to say that! If I'd kept quiet about his ax, nothing would have happened (4a).
«Ты-то выпьешь со мной на радостях?» - спросил он. И тотчас же с тревогой подумал: «Ну, вот и опять дёрнул меня чёрт за язык!» (Шолохов 5). "You'll have one (a drink) with me to celebrate, won't you?" he asked. And at once the alarming thought crossed his mind, There I go again with my big mouth!" (5a).

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