НА ЯЗЫКЕ укогоPrepPInvarthe resulting phrase is usu. subj-compl with бытье)
1. ( subj: вопрос, слово etc) some question (word etc) is about to be asked, said by s.o. (who is eager to ask or say it)
X у Y-a на языке = X is on the tip of Y% tongue
Y has X on the tip of his tongue.
На языке у него было множество вопросов, но задать их так и не удалось. Не had many questions on the tip of his tongue, but didn't get to ask them.
2. ( subj: abstr) sth. is continually mentioned, discussed, repeated
X у Y-ов на языке - X keeps popping (cropping) up (in conversation)
Ys keep (are always, are constantly) talking about XYs talk about X all the time
X у всех на языке - X is on everyone' lips
X is the talk of the town.
Его злоключения у всех на языке - мне уже трое сегодня говорили об этом. His misadventures are the talk of the town-I've heard about them from three people already today.

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