ВЫСУНУВ (ВЫСУНУВШИ, ВЫСУНЯ obs) ЯЗЫК (ЯЗЫКИ rare) collVerbal Advthese forms onlyusu. used with impfv verbsvar. with язык may be used with pl subjfixed WO
1. бежать, удирать и т. п. \Я-8 (to run, run away) very quickly
like the dickens
like madlike a bat out of hell.
Мальчишки залезли в колхозный сад, но сторож их заметил, и им пришлось удирать, высунув язык. The boys got into the kolkhoz garden, but the guard saw them and they had to run like the dickens.
2. бегать, мотаться и т. п. \Я-8 (to run, be on the go etc) nonstop, without taking a breather (because one is overwhelmed by the number of things he has to do)
with one's tongue hanging out
like madtill one is dropping in his tracks.
Я такой же кинозритель, какой в своё время был театрал. Но сыновья мои большие любители, и когда кинофестиваль, бегают по Москве высунув язык и меня тащат... (Рыбаков 1). I'm about as much of a film-goer as I used to be a theatre-goer in the old days, but my sons are great film-fans and during the festival they rush all over Moscow with their tongues hanging out, and dragging me along with them (1a).

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