(CAM) БОГ ВЕЛИТ/ВЕЛЕЛ (кому) collИ БОГ ВЕЛЙТ/ВЕЛЁЛ obs, collVP subj.past or presusu. used with infinfixed WO
1. it is proper, normal (for s.o. to do sth. ): X-y сам бог велел сделать Y - it's only natural for X to do Y
it's in the order of things for X to do Yit's only fitting that X do Y
(in limited contexts) who wouldn't do Y? «Странно, как хорошо я всё это помню. - Он обнаружил, что у него побелели щеки и кончик носа. - Вот таким я и был тогда, на такого орать сам Бог велел» (Стругацкие 1). "It's strange how well I remember it all." He discovered that his cheeks and the tip of his nose had turned pale. "That's the way I looked then-who wouldn't go after a guy who looked like that?" (1a).
2. ( s.o. ) must (do sth. ): X-y и бог велел сделать Y — it's X's (sacred) duty to do Y
it would be wrong for X not to do Y.
«Подойди, подойди, любезный! Я и отцу-то твоему правду одна говорила, когда он в случае был, а тебе-то и бог велит» (Толстой 4). "Come on, come closer, my dear! I used to be the only one to tell that father of yours the truth in the days when he was a court favorite, and now it's my sacred duty to do the same for you" (4a).

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