ЧТО БОГ ДАСТ collInvarusu. indep. clause (often after «а там») or subord clausefixed WO
(of an action or activity the outcome of which does not depend on the doer
expresses the speaker's hope for a favorable outcome) things will turn out the way they will turn out: what(ever) will be will bewhatever God grants s.o.we'll see what God (the Lord) has in store for uswe shall see (what comes next (how things go etc)).
«Здоров ли ты?»... Лукавый мальчишка здоровехонек, но молчит. «Посиди-ка ты эту недельку дома, - скажет она, - а там - что бог даст» (Гончаров 1). uDo you feel well?" The sly little boy was quite well, but said nothing. "You had better stay at home this week," she would say, "then we shall see..." (1b).

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