ЧЕМ БОГАТЫ, ТЕМ И РАДЫ (saying) you are welcome to share all that we (or I) have ( usu. used when inviting a guest to enjoy all the—often modest-food, comforts etc that one has to offeralso used as an apology for not having anything more or better to offer): - whatfs mine (ours) is yoursyou're welcome to what(ever) we (I) havehelp yourself to whatever we (I) have(in limited contexts) my home is your homethatfc the best we have (we've got) (at the moment).
«Вы кушайте, батюшка, кушайте... Чем богаты, как говорится...» (Максимов 3). "Eat, Pyotr Vasilievich, eat....What's ours is yours, as they say..." (3a).

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