[VP; subj: usu. дело, less often дела, всё; fixed WO]
things are going or are starting to go better than previously, well, without problems:
- дело идёт на лад{{}} things have begun to go (are going) smoothly (well, very nicely etc);
- things have begun to improve (are improving);
- things have taken (are taking) a turn for the better;
- things are looking up;
- things are (s.o.'s health is etc) on the mend;
- [in limited contexts](from here on in <from now on etc>) it will be smooth sailing.
     ♦ [Городничий:] Ну, слава богу! Деньги взял.Дело, кажется, пойдёт теперь на лад (Гоголь 4). [Mayor:] Well, thank God, he took the money! Now I think everything will go smoothly (4f). [Mayor:] Phew! Thank God! He took the money. It'll be smooth sailing from now on (4d).
     ♦ [Кудряш:] Значит, у вас дело на лад идёт, коли сюда приходить велели (Островский 6). [К.:] Things must be going along very nicely if you've been told to come here (6c).
     ♦ Постепенно и на работе дела у него пошли на лад (Войнович 4). Even at work things began gradually improving for him (4a).

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