БРАТЬ/ВЗЯТЬ НА АРАПА кого highly collVPsubj: humanoften neg pfvfut, gener. 2nd pers sing не возьмёшь
to (try to) get sth. from s.o. , make s.o. do as one wishes by telling him sth. deceitful (and getting him to act before he has had time to realize he is being tricked)
X взял Y-a на арапа - X pulled a fast one on Y
Y was taken in by XX hoodwinked YX threw dust in Y's eyes.
Билеты на этот концерт давно распроданы, а попасть очень хочется. Решил я взять администратора на арапа: пришел к нему, заговорил с акцентом, выдал себя за шведского журналиста - и вот они, билеты! The concert has been sold out for a long time, but I really wanted to go, so I decided to pull a fast one on the concert hall manager: I went up to him and, speaking with an accent, passed myself off as a Swedish journalist. And... here are the tickets!

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