НА АРАПА highly collPrepPInvaradv
(to accomplish sth. ) by acting insolently, in a brash manner, in a way that defies accepted rules or expected approaches
bluff one's way through sth.
wing itfinagle (fast-talk) one's way (into sth. etc).
Я не успел подготовиться к экзамену, пошел сдавать на арапа - и, представьте, сдал! I didn't have time to prepare for my exam, so I just winged it and, would you believe it, I passed!
«На выставку пускают только по пригласительным билетам». -«Ничего, пройдём на арапа, не в первый раз». "You have to have a special invitation to get into this exhibit." "Don't worry, we'll fast-talk our way in-it won't be the first time."

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