ДЕЛАТЬ АВАНСЫ кому old-fash, coll, humorVP
1. (subj: human or collect ) to approach s.o. (repeatedly) showing that one is well-disposed toward him ( usu. in order to secure his support in sth. or to interest him in sth. - some deal, a job etc)
X делает Y-y авансы - X makes advances toward (to) Y
X makes overtures to Y.
Вы говорите, что эта фирма делает вам авансы? Учтите, у них очень плохая репутация. You say that firm is making overtures to you? Bear in mind that they have a very bad reputation.
2. (subj: human, female) to encourage a man (through coquettish behavior) to flirt with or court one
X делает Y-y авансы = X makes a play for Y
X makes a move on YX casts coquettish glances Yb way.

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